Court grants motion of SEC Agency against Ripple to produce meeting videos


The Federal judge granted the motion of the SEC agency to get meeting videos from the Ripple firm regarding his meeting.

In the present time, the Legal battle between US securities and exchange commission (SEC) & San Francisco based company Ripple is at a tremendous level. Around a few weeks ago, it was expected that the crypto market would not see any kind of news regarding the Ripple Vs SEC legal battle but it is taking another turn.

In the latest, the US SEC agency got the approval from the Court and Ripple was ordered to produce his meeting videos with the other companies regarding the operations of the company.

On 8 November Sarah Netburn, Magistrate Judge, ordered Ripple firm to provide all the videotapes of the internal meetings to the US securities and exchange commission (SEC).

“In light of the close of discovery, Ripple is ordered (ed) to undertake such efforts without delay”

The judge took the reference of the last struggle of Ripple firm not to delay the case and process against the SEC agency. Netburn says that, if Ripple doesn’t want to postpone the discovery phase deadline then Ripple firm should have produced the videotapes of the meeting without any delay.

It is worth noting, both parties will hold meetings regarding the choice of important and main videotapes of the internal meetings of Ripple firm, which are necessary in this case.

SEC Vs Ripple Case delay

In October, the Court judge granted the motion of the SEC agency for the extra time for the discovery phase against Ripple firm to collect 14 important witnesses.
But later, the Ripple firm claimed that the SEC agency wanted to expand the time frame of the case and put a demand not to extend the case.
As per the demand of the Ripple firm, the Court granted the motion of the Ripple firm and assured that delay will not take place.

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