Crypto Exchange Coinbase Launches Debit Card For UK Customers

Major Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase launched debit card named “Coinbase Card” for customers based in the UK. Now users can use the card to pay in stores and online with cryptocurrencies. Coinbase announced this in an official Blog post on 10 April.

The debit card is powered by user Coinbase account balances, that allows users to spenBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies in stores. Users cryptocurrencies funds are converted into fiat (most probably US dollars) in real-time to complete the payment.

Coinbase also releases an app for IOS and Android from which users can link the Coinbase accounts. Users can select a specific wallet which is used for the payments via the card. Additionally, the app provides receipts, transactions history, funding history and many other features. The card supports all cryptocurrencies that are available on the Coinbase Exchange.

The card is issued by regulated and authorized money institution Paysafe Financial Services Limited. Currently the card is only available for UK customers however more countries will be added later.

To celebrate the launch of Coinbase Card, we’re waiving the £4.95 card issuance fee for the first 1,000 people to join the waitlist.

This is the first instance where a debit card is linked directly to a big crypto exchange. Such steps can lead the Bitcoin space towards mass adoption. More and more people learn about Blockchain and Bitcoin technology and will soon start accepting cryptocurrencies.

Last Night Bitcoin made a quick spike to $5450 and now trading at $5170. Charts says that BTC will retrace to $4600-$4800 for further increment. Bitcoin is overbought at the movement and needs to retrace for organic growth. There are some rumours that Skype may accept Ripple for micropayments. If this is true the price of XRP will skyrocket soon.

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