Crypto holder files lawsuit against Shopify for Ledger’ data breach


Global e-commerce company Shopify and crypto hardware wallet producer Ledger may face big legal hurdles with the latest lawsuit action. 

Shopify is a giant international e-commerce platform, which is highly popular. And Ledger is one of the popular crypto hardware wallet maker companies, which is popular in the crypto industry. 

Recently a group of Ledger users have filed a lawsuit against Shopify and claimed that Shopify was already aware of the data breach, which happened in 2020 at a massive level. 

According to the filed lawsuit, Plaintiff claimed that the Company didn’t do its work perfectly, as per its responsibility. So Shopify “repeatedly and profoundly failed to protect its customers’ identities.”

Crypto holder files lawsuit against Shopify for Ledger' data breach 1

The ledger will also go through this lawsuit action because Ledger ensured users maintained privacy and security but failed, during the marketing of its product services.

complaint noted:

“Despite the repeated promises and worldwide advertising campaign touting unmatched security for its customers, Ledger—and its data processing vendors, Shopify and TaskUs—repeatedly and profoundly failed to protect its customers’ identities, causing targeted attacks on thousands of customers’ crypto-assets and causing Class members to receive far less security than they thought they had purchased with their Ledger Wallets.”

Ledger uses the Shopify platform to run its online platform to sell products, so Shopify is holding the details of the Ledger Database directly. 

In 2020, Hacker successfully collected detailed data of 

272,000 Ledger users and also around 1 million email addresses of those users, who were connected with Ledger with the Newsletter. 

Crypto Hardware wallets 

However the majority of the hardware wallets are known as the safest method to store crypto assets but there exist many things, which may lead to some possible scams. All the hardware wallets needs software/suite to run its secured operations of crypto transactions.

Recently Trezor also noted that its MailChimp newsletter was compromised and a hacker sent a third-party suspicious suite download link with mail to hack the lezer wallet users.

Trezor warned all Trezor users and urged them not to open such types of emails and also don’t download or update the suite. 

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