Crypto Music blockchain platform Audius will Support NFTs Artwork of Ethereum and Solana

Blockchain based Crypto Music App Audius will now act as showcases for Both Ethereum and Solana NFTs.

Audius is a popular blockchain based platform which allows users to to share their music artwork on their platform. In one way we can say Audius is also a NFTs artwork based platform but it doesn’t sell any kind of artwork like gif or picture. 

As per announcement, Audius will now support all the NFTs artwork based on the Ethereum & solana platform

This will happen through the Phantom. Phantom will integrate Radius with the Ethereum & Solana NFTs network. 

Phantom is a solana based popular wallet. 

Here, we should note that Audius will work as a showcase i.e it will help the NFTs owner to show their collection on the Audius platform. And there is no intention of selling NFTs based artwork like things.

Audius is a growing platform in the present time. A recent collaboration of Audius can be seen with TikTok that allows their users to easily share their music on TikTok with a few clicks. 

Audius provides their user as alternative music platform services in comparison to heavy platforms like Spotify & Apple music. 

Here is one thing we can notice, like other NFts based projects, Audius seems to be getting late in this field but here we can expect that they can bring their platform to use for the sale of the NFTs based digital artwork, but will it be possible? Probably depends upon the time when the team will reveal about it in future.

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