CryptoCom suspended withdrawals against suspicious activities

Because of some suspicious activities, CryptoCom halted all the withdrawals for a short time. 

CryptoCom is a popular crypto exchange and crypto wallet service. This exchange is known for its high-level marketing strategy and better-secured crypto services. Right now this exchange has 10 million users all over the world. 

On 17 January 2022, the official Twitter account of CryptoCom tweeted that a few users reported that they are facing some kind of suspicious activity in their account. And in response to fixing this issue, withdrawals have been stopped. CryptoCom also ensured that all funds are safe. 

At the time of writing this article, no further updates have been provided by the company. But it is 100% confirmed that the exchange will do a deep investigation against this issue and after that they will give statement regarding this matter.

After that, Past Dogecoin developer Billy Markus quoted the tweet of CryptoCom and noted that some suspicious activities are going on in the hot Ethereum wallet. 

Billy noted that some 2-3 Ethereum transferred to a new wallet address. 

Indirectly Billy criticized CryptoCom for its laziness. However, here we can’t say for sure whether the CryptoCom team noticed this auspicious activity in advance or not. 

Crypto enthusiast Ben ballet noticed that he lost 4.28 ETH from his wallet because of suspicious activities. Ben said that he enabled a two-factor authentication system but still hackers bypassed this security and facilitated transactions because of some kind of hack with the security feature of CryptoCom.

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