Former Twitter CEO reconfirmed the work on a decentralized Bitcoin mining system

Jack Dorsey again reminded the community that Block is working officially on a decentralized Bitcoin mining system. 

Jack Dorsey is the founder of Block, a company inclined to work in Bitcoin and blockchain-based tools development. Jack himself is a very bullish person for Bitcoin. Besides Bitcoin, he is supporting no crypto-asset because he doesn’t think any crypto asset is better like bitcoin. Reportedly, he left the position of Twitter CEO because he was willing to give his full time on Bitcoin-related works.

Tom Templeton, general manager of hardware at Block, stated about the decentralized Bitcoin mining plan of Jack Dorsey on Twitter. 

“We want to make mining more distributed and efficient in every way, from buying, to set up, to maintenance, to mining. We’re interested because mining goes far beyond creating new bitcoin. We see it as a long-term need for a future that is fully decentralized and permissionless,” Tom wrote.

On this, Jack quoted the tweet of Tom and reminded the whole space that his company is officially doing work on this initiative. 

This is clearly showing that Jack is not going back to his initial concept to bring a decentralized Bitcoin mining system for the world so that every Bitcoin supporter can support the Bitcoin network easily. 

Recently, the official LinkedIn account of Block company published a job hiring post for its blockchain-based initiatives. Hiring details of position revealed that Block is working to produce high efficient Bitcoin mining hardware and a highly optimized Bitcoin mining system. 

Now it will be interesting to see when Jack Dorsey’s company will give real products and services for Bitcoin & blockchain inclined tools and utility. However, Jack hinted about this initiative of his company for more than 1 year. There may be chances that Jack’s company is working at every point of the mining mechanism so that they can do something much more unique than others, in order to bring high efficient Bitcoin mining system.

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