Cybercriminals spreading Monero malware with Spiderman movie


Russian hackers are using the trend of Spiderman movies to spread the Monero coin malware in the PC of movie downloaders from non-official and torrent websites.

There are many advantages of crypto and blockchain technology but there are many people who are using it in illegal ways to make money with less hard work. Bad actors are not only engaged in crypto assets to introduce Ranswome attacks, but also they are trying all possible methods to make money. 

ReasonLabs pointed out a report on recent ongoing illicit activities by hackers and cybercriminals. According to ReasonLab report, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the popularity of the recently released movie spider-man: No way home. 

ReasonLabs found that hackers did a special kind of engineering in the files that people are downloading with the latest released spider man movie from the torrent websites. 

The suspicious file that has been found by the ReasonLab is much similar to the “xmrig,” a popular open-source program for mining the Monero cryptocurrency. 

This file is engineered by the Hackers in a way so that the antivirus software of Microsoft defender can’t detect it. And this malware will further use the power of the victim’s computer to mine Monero for the cybercriminals. 

Crypto mining softwares are small programming software, which are made to mine and power the crypto blockchain network through the use of PC power. However, it was a good thing in the past to make money because, in 2013  and nearby years, many crypto assets were running on proof-of-work Consensus and also were better to mine with less powered PCs. But now almost all the mining software are useless for a low-powered PC, it can end up in very high electricity consumption and damage the PC. Hackers are usually trying to deploy the mining software on multiple PCs to generate income easily. 

Recently, a report by Kaspersky noted that around 13% of the websites on the Internet contained similar kinds of malware which were highly suspicious and not better for PC health and Security.

According to Kaspersky, 13% of malwares were found only on the websites which were offering free download and stream of Marvel’s Black Widow movie. 

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