Fake Solana wallet update may steal your crypto


A few hackers are trying to take advantage of the news of outages & bugs of the Solana blockchain network to make money. 

Solana is a popular Proof-of-stake consensus-based blockchain network. With the help of the Proof-of-history protocol, the Solana network can facilitate 50k transactions per second, which is itself a very big number for any crypto network. Due to high transaction load & some hidden bugs in coding of the Solana blockchain, the Solana network went offline many times in the last 10 months. 

For the last 15 days, a few hackers have been trying to trick innocent Solana phantom wallet users to steal funds. Through a website titled “PHANTOMUPDATE.COM” or “UPDATEPHANTOM.COM”, hackers are trying to convince the phantom wallet users that it is necessary to update the phantom wallet because of security reasons. Through the fake security update notification, hackers claimed that funds may be lost because hackers exploited the Solana network. 

Fake Solana wallet update may steal your crypto 1
Fake NFTs are being used to spread malware. Source: BleepingComputer

These hackers are spreading malware & hacking scripts in the wallets of victims to steal funds. All the phantom wallet & Solana token users are requested to remain away from any kind of such fake information & fake security update. 

 Solana Wallet Slope 

In early August, Solana network supported Slope wallet data was hacked by the hackers and that resulted in the loss of around $8 million worth of funds. 

Hacker stolen the Private key of the web3 Slope wallet users and successfully withdrew funds from the victim’s wallets. 

Report on this incident suggested & requested all the phantom users to remain away from such kinds of fake security updates and also suggested believing only on Official websites for any kind of such update. And also they suggested using antivirus on the PC to protect the computer from any kind of malware or virus. 

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