Dogecoin developer addressing toxicity and scammers inside the Shiba Inu community


The past developer of the Dogecoin project, pointed out spam tweets of the Shiba inu community, promoting the Shiba inu coin. 

Shibetoshi Nakamoto ( Billy Markus), Past head developer Dogecoin project, public advisor in Dogecoin project, pointed out the harassment and toxicity that is increasing because of the Shiba inu community. 

Markus noticed many times when they tweeted then many Shiba inu coin lovers started to spam in the tweet comment box. On this issue, Billy tagged Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to do something on such kinds of matters.

In the reply to his tweet, Billy also showed that he blocked more than 5,000 Twitter accounts because of spamming. 

After the tweet of Billy Markus, many Shiba inu investors started to troll Billy and claimed that Billy wanted to put a negative light on the Shiba inu community. 

On these things, Billy replied and wrote

“It’s not rocket science. Don’t be a (nasty piece of work), and I won’t care. Be an (unpleasant person), I won’t like you or your community”

 Billy also said that the same attitude will also be toward other people, whether they belong to Dogecoin or another crypto. And also he doesn’t want to see which person is buying shib coin or any other coin, because all doesn’t matter for him. 

Billy also asserted that he is not responsible for the Dogecoin project anymore because he is no longer in the project. But still, he is only doing work for the Dogecoin community at their end. 

However, this is not the first time when Billy Markus got trolled by Twitter users indirectly. Before this, they tweeted about the spammers that keep tweeting about investment and get back double, etc.

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