Dogecoin developer hints crypto market moving in Bear region

Billy Markus shared his stance on the current market situation and also explained how the discussion on crypto projects will now change. 

Since the beginning of this year, the crypto market is facing huge corrections with small and big dumps. On 22 January a crash in the market took place along with the Stock market crash also. This situation seems very fearful for crypto Investors. 

Shibetoshi Nakamoto ( Billy Markus), a former Dogecoin developer who is no longer in this project, wrote on Twitter that crypto bear market is a sign of discussion on the technology. 

Through this tweet, Billy noted that the majority of the crypto proponents are now talking about crypto’s underlying technology instead of hype and pump. This tweet by this crypto proponent is giving hint that he also believes that the market is now in the initial phase of a bearish situation. 

Billy Markus supports teamwork 

As we know Billy was the biggest contributor to the Dogecoin project as a developer but he is no more in this project, as a developer. However, he is an advisory board member in Dogecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization. 

It has been seen many times that Billy doesn’t like to work as a developer. According to him, the burden on the developers remains always intense especially in crypto projects, however, he appreciates the work of developers. 

On 24 January, Billy also tweeted on this matter but he directed his tweets toward which the crypto team is still unclear. But few experts believe that Billy wants to bring motivation to the Solana team, which is facing criticism because of failure to find and fix the issue in the network fastly. 

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