Dogecoin developer says don’t be angry to push adoption


Billy Markus shared his thoughts on how the Dogecoin community and lovers can bring a better image for Dogecoin so that companies can easily decide to go with Dogecoin. 

Billy Markus is one of the founders of the Dogecoin project. At this time he is no longer in the Dogecoin project but he is an advisory board member of Dogecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization behind Dogecoin. Besides the support of the Dogecoin project, he remains active on Twitter to push the adoption of the crypto industry. 

On 27 January, Billy Markus took to Twitter to guide the Dogecoin supporters on how they can positively support Dogecoin to make the services/companies/businesses to accept Dogecoin in payment options. 

Billy said that we don’t need to be angry to push the adoption, we need to remain cool and remain engaged to explain to people/businesses how Dogecoin can be beneficial if they will use it over other options. 

In this way, he tried to suggest people that don’t spam with the name of Dogecoin. 

Earlier this, Billy raised his voice against the Shiba Inu token spammers and said that he doesn’t care what the coin people are holding. 

It is worth noting that two days before this tweet of Billy Markus, Dogecoin supporter Elon Musk proposed an idea to the McDonald fast food network to accept Dogecoin, and in return, Elon will eat a happy meal at McDonald on TV. However, McDonald’s refused to accept Dogecoin indirectly. 

Elon Musk support to Dogecoin in payment option 

Since the mid of 2021, Elon Musk has given better support to Dogecoin as the best coin in terms of better payment options. 

In Q4 2021, the developer team of Dogecoin introduced new changes in the network to make the Dogecoin network better to transfer funds from one exchange to another exchange. 

In 2020, Elon entered the crypto industry with the adoption of Bitcoin to sell Tesla Car products. But later Elon’ Tesla suspended Bitcoin from its payment option and claimed that Bitcoin is not efficient and also causing huge environmental issues. 

Last week Elon announced that Tesla started to accept Dogecoin payments for its merchs. Unfortunately, only a few Tesla merch are buyable with Dogecoin payment. 

Right now the Dogecoin community aims to see the Dogecoin payment option in car purchases in the Tesla company. 

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