Useless coins are getting better traction: McDonald & Elon Musk indirect support


Two tweets between two popular personalities are giving a push to the useless and Ponzi coins to pump easily. 

On 25 January Elon Musk asked McDonald’s to accept Dogecoin. And as a result, Dogecoin pumped 8-9% within a few hours. 

In response to the Elon Musk tweet, McDonald suggested that Elon-owned Tesla accept Grimace Coin. In actuality, McDonald refused to accept Grimace Coin indirectly. 

Here nothing was a big deal for Elon Musk, McDonald, and also for the Dogecoin community and supporters but here this indirect response of McDonald to Elon Musk ended up in the birth of a useless coin, Grimace coin.

Few people/individuals took this tweet of McDonald as an opportunity and also people grabbed the opportunity to make profit within few hours. 

After the tweet of McDonald, a person immediately created a Grimace coin on Ethereum and the BSC network. 

At the time of writing this article, the price of the Grimace coin is $11.77 and the price of this coin on 26 January was $1 or even less. 


Useless coins are getting better traction: McDonald & Elon Musk indirect support 1

Here the whole game is linked with Elon Musk and McDonald’s indirectly but no one entity or person suggested buying this coin but still, this coin grabbed a multiple-fold surge in its price. 

Earlier this, Elon tweeted about the Shiba Inu coin and promoted the shiba in token indirectly, and now what the position of Shiba Inu is can be seen. 

Even this tweet of Elon resulted in the birth of the FLOKI inu coin and also getting better support. 

These things are showing that few people are crazy. Even though Elon is supporting Dogecoin officially, people are still giving their traction to the coins, which are not actually in existence and there is no use case. 

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