Donald Trump Wants to Stop “Crypto Businesses Leaving US Over Regulations”


Former US president Donald once again showed his full support for the crypto & blockchain sector and also admitted that hostile regulations are a hurdle for American crypto companies.

Donald Trump‘s presidency was marked by controversy and polarisation. He often used Twitter to communicate his views, which sometimes lacked nuance. Regarding crypto, Trump’s stance was mixed. While he expressed scepticism, calling Bitcoin “based on thin air,” he also acknowledged its potential but didn’t propose strict regulations during his presidency.

As we know Joe Biden is the current president of the USA and he is a big Bitcoin & crypto hater. Since the last couple of years, the majority of crypto companies have found it hard to operate a crypto business in the US jurisdiction because of the hostile regulatory environment.

Recently a video grabbed huge attention among the crypto X (formerly Twitter) community, in which former US president Donald Trump said that he wants to stop the departure of American crypto companies from the country.

Trump admitted that crypto firms are leaving the US crypto market because of the hostile regulatory environment but at the same time he said that “we have to let them be here”.

In the present time, a decent number of US presidential candidates are Bitcoin supporters and here we see Trump as a strong candidate in this race. 

Earlier in Feb of this year, Trump said that he is okay with Bitcoin adoption in payment services. 

On behalf of multiple research & analysis, many experts said that Trump’s odds of a second White House term are 6/5 (45.5 percent) against 7/5 (41.7 percent). 

However no one can predict the election outcome in the USA, as we saw in the past where Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump was the final Electoral College victor in 2016.

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