Earn Bitcoin With BItcoinTalk Signature Campaign

Today in this post we will tell about the BitcoinTalk signature campaign program at bitcointalk.org. Maybe earlier you will hear about it, that it is for micro earning option for those who have the skill to do discussion with newbies or skill to write good comments.

For a long time, many people are making earnings at bitcointalk.org around $1000+ per month. This is not a joke, if you are thinking that it is a joke then it will be better for you to visit at bitcointalk.org forum, there you will see numbers of the signature campaign where they are paying cryptocurrency and tokens just for making discussion with each other.

Here we will explain to you, that how does it system works and how we can join, and also what are tips and tricks to qualify the quality level of your account there so that you can easily join the campaign and make decent earnings.

What is the BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign?

First of all, we need to understand that what is the Bitcointalk signature campaign then we will explain other things about it.

In the very starting when bitcoin entered the world of the internet then at that time many big players started their business with bitcoin like buy & sell of bitcoins, gambling, betting, casinos, and faucets websites, etc.

But as we all of us know very well that it was not easy for everyone to understand that what is bitcoin and what is its use at that time because the main reason behind this problem was that people were in very limited numbers who owns knowledge about bitcoin so it was not easy for every internet user to use bitcoin and bitcoin-related websites.

To overcome this problem, the bitcoin team created a bitcoin and bitcoin-related business discussion forum, which is bitcointalk.org.

The main purpose of this platform was to make people aware of bitcoin i.e what is bitcoin and why we should use bitcoin. Even after making this discussion forum, it was not easy for the Bitcoin team to spread information because if one person knows about bitcoin fully then he doesn’t like to share his knowledge with others because why a person will waste his time to share his knowledge online?

Here we can take a self example, That at one side we will spend lots of time to understand a particular thing in deeper and after a long time, we will gather knowledge and information about that particular thing , Then again why we will lose our time for another person to explain it without any benefits? Obviously, no one will waste his time on another person.

So to overcome this problem Bitcointalk.org forum allowed every person to announce his bitcoin-related business & websites so that they can tell about bitcoin and bitcoin use to everyone who was available at the forum. And second Thing they implemented a program in the forum which is known as the signature campaign program. In this way, the Forum team made a system of the Bitcointalk signature campaign to make a profitable business for users who are at the forum to gather & share information.

How does it work?

Forum is just like Facebook, At Facebook, we talk to each other and didn’t get any amount of money but here at bitcointalk, we can make money.

The difference between Facebook and bitcointalk is a website design & limited topics to discuss at bitcointalk.

Every person who will resister his account at bitcointalk.com will have an option of profile signature code. In the profile signature section, the user can add link strings or creative design of text (a type of banner for a website link).

At the end of every post in the forum, we will see that signature code. So it is just a type of advertisement of the website through creative text design at the bottom of every profile post.

bitcointalk signature campaign

How to Join a Bitcointalk Signature Campaign?

It is a very easy manual process. The businesses that start their services usually launch their campaign.

Normally they create a separate post thread and there they provide step by step procedure to apply for the joining of the campaign for forum users.

Here you can check about the numerous signature campaigns which are running right now and also you can check how people gave their application to join the campaign.

Can Everyone Join the Campaign?

No, every campaign has its own terms and conditions to accept members to join the campaign, so it is mandatory for everyone to qualify the terms and conditions imposed by the signature campaign runner.

Normally the terms & conditions which are necessary to join a campaign are:

  • Newbies or/and member level users can’t join.
  • Negative trust rate users can’t join the campaign.
  • More than one account shouldn’t be enrolled by any user otherwise he will be banned by the forum permanently.
  • One liner or garbage type post writer user can’t join.
  • Recently backed users at his account can’t join, means, this is a type of comeback by the user after the long term, that can’t be considered to eligible to join a campaign.
  • Abusive words user & critics type person can’t join.

What are the Payout Rates?

Rates per post are not fix there because every platform has different categories of business and a different budget, so they set rate/post according to the budget they have.

Another factor that is a big factor of fluctuation in the price of a per post is the level rank of the user.

Usually, they pay a very highest rate to the legendary ranked users than the lower levels.

bitcointalk signature campaign rates

All of you can see the weekly and monthly rates of payout according to the level rank of the users.

 In table L stands for legendary, H stands for hero member, S stands for the senior member,  F for a full member, M for members, and J for Junior member.

The rates that are shown in the above-attached image may change anytime which is under the terms and conditions of the signature program running team.

How to Promote Yourself at a Higher Rank?

To reach a higher rank you need many things with your daily activities at the forum. Earlier it was very easy to rank up but now it became a tedious task to promote yourself to upper rank.

These are the following points that you can keep in your mind always to rank up easily.

  • Always do useful conversation and discussion with other members
  • Always write and post those things which are 100% exact and real so that a person who is in need can solve his problem and then he can give merit to your post.

Merit is just a rating for your post by other members, that has a clear meaning that you are doing highly helpful & informative posts in the forum.

  • Always talk in a gentle way &  don’t try to troll anyone. Instead of trolling you should explain in a better way.
  • Never share scam-related websites or services to use. But still, you can talk about wrong things ( project or services ) openly with proof or facts that exist according to your point of view in that situation with that service or project.
  • Never spread negative things about the forum and market of Cryptocurrency.
  • Don’t make your intention to anyone to invest in a particular project or coin, but you can share your views about a particular project and business without a referral link.
  •  Don’t do giveaways. You can offer airdrop for any particular coin but without a referral link.
  • Don’t write those things at the forum which are totally out of the syllabus of the forum & Cryptocurrency market.
  • Don’t sell those online assets which are not useful. We mean don’t do scam like activities.

What is the Mode of Payment?

They pay usually in bitcoin and sometimes in token or sometimes both in the case of ICO projects.

Is there any Risk of Loss?

No, there is no risk if you are working genuinely. If you will work perfectly without violating any community guidelines then surely there exists no chance for you to get any type of negative rate at your account and in that case, you will be able to join the signature campaign program easily in the incoming future.

If in the midway of the campaign program you got negative rate at your account then you will be kicked out from the campaign or alternatively, the campaign manager will give you some time of weeks to you to solve your problem and will pause all your payment until you will get your trust rate neutral.

Is There Any Limit of Signature Campaigns Programs You Can Join?

According to us, there is no limit to joining signature campaigns and no chance of abortion of this campaign program because in this world every time a new service will enter they will try to advertise their service to get trust.

Note: You can only join 1 signature campaign at a time.

How Many Accounts We Can Enroll There?

In actual you can enroll only one account, according to terms and conditions of the forum, but still, you can create multiple accounts without any restriction.

And you can enroll easily in the campaign after getting a certain level, but still, it will remain against the rules of the forum.

If you will use multiple accounts then surely the post quality will get down by your side because it is not easy to manage multiple accounts by a single Person. But if you will succeed to manage then there is a chance that the moderators can catch you with the link of bitcoin address transaction which is attached at different accounts.

In short, you can use multiple accounts but don’t spam in the forum and don’t give a positive trust rate to your own account without any reason otherwise your both account will be ban by the forum permanently.

Problems & Tips

The main problem at the forum is to promote at upper rank. Earlier it was not a tedious task because the numbers of the post on the daily basis were enough for us to rank up. And that was really easy to reach at a legendary level in just two years. But they made a rule of the merit system. If you don’t have a merit rate then you will not be able to qualify condition to promote your account to the upper level.

You can solve your problem easily by making your own community (anonymously ) of friends at the forum. You can make a network of 100 or more people at your social media networks like a telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, and there all of you can make a plan to do discussion at the forum about a particular topic and can give merit to each other with creative and high-quality post help randomly to each other, otherwise with a limited number of people exchange of merit points will be detected by them and that will be a violation of the rules of the forum, so do everything very wisely.

Is there any alternative to bitcointalk.org

Yes, there is cryptotalk.org. At cryptotalk.org you can make a decent amount of earnings by sharing and gathering information from each other regarding Cryptocurrency related to all topics.

Cryptotalk.org is a discussion forum regarding Cryptocurrency and it is powered by the Yobit.net trading website.

At cryptotalk you can easily make earning. You can make 1000 SATOSHI at every valuable post. To join cryptotalk signature campaign you need to go to the yobit.net trading website. There you will get all information regarding the terms & conditions of getting credit of 1000 SATOSHI per post.

Not only SATOSHI but you can make numbers of another new coins token also, for more information you can check their yobit.net trading website or you can visit at the forum by click here in more detail, and also you can ask your doubts regarding signature campaign program there.