Edward Snowden raised concerns over crypto NFTs gaming

Whistleblower Edward Snowden shared his stance on the gaming projects backed by the concepts of the crypto NFTs and Metaverse strategy. 

In the very beginning, when the crypto and blockchain industry was surging, people were inclined toward the transparency and reality of the data because of blockchain technology. When the first time blockchain technology was introduced in the world with Bitcoin, technology claimed that actual transfer of the data took place in a blockchain network instead of a read and write system, but the majority of people denied this reality. Now the concept of the NFTs project is giving full proof that actual data transactions took place. And now this technology is shifting toward the gaming industry also. 

In an interview with the Parachains- Polkadot & Kusama project inclined YouTube channel, Edward Snowden, shared his point of view on the crypto NFTs and Blockchain-backed gaming concept. 

Edward raised concern over the monetization of the gaming platforms with the useful concept of the crypto nuts strategy. According to Edward, people are ‘injecting an artificial sense of scarcity. 

“We have people that are trying to sort of – maybe they’re not even trying to – but the ultimate result of what they’re doing is they are injecting an artificial sense of scarcity into a post-scarcity domain. I think that is an inherently anti-social urge here”.

Edward said that it can harm those gamers, who are looking for virtual escape because of the business of the unfair gaming model of Crypto NFTs. 

Further, Edward said that in the crypto NFTs gaming world, a user will go into a home and will change color for $19.99, to make a beautiful island and home-like things. Edward said that these things are “horrible and heinous and tragic”. 

Through this statement, Edward noted that the current ongoing trend of the crypto industry with the crypto NFTs & Metaverse is at risk because of the unethical projects. 

Further, Edward continues: 

“One of the promises, one of the privileges of technology, is that it frees us from material limits that only exist in a material space. To try to reimpose material in immaterial space, I think is a little bit unethical.”

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