106,800 published online pages on Dogecoin, 13 times more over Shiba inu coin: Finbold

The trend of crypto assets in the category of meme coin surged also because of the news and crypto media websites, which published huge numbers of pages on these coins because of increasing popularity. 

Dogecoin, Shiba inu, FLOKI, Dogelon, etc all these coins are meme coins. The first two coins grabbed a very high level of attention in the crypto industry because of the shoutout and support of Elon Musk’s tweets, since the end of last year. Because of the sudden surge in the price of these meme coins, many news websites took advantage of this popularity to get traffic. 

According to a report published by Finbold, around 106,800 pages have been published by online websites during recent high fluctuations in the crypto industry, only on Dogecoin. And this number is 13 fold more than the Shiba inu meme coin.


106,800 published online pages on Dogecoin, 13 times more over Shiba inu coin: Finbold 1
Number of DOGE-related published pages. Source: Ahrefs.com

In November, Shiba plunged with around at least 33% and Dogecoin by around 20%. Both of these two coins grabbed huge attention in the crypto industry and also in the Google trend. 

In particular, Shiba inu made space in 81,000 pages in the internet world. 

Number of SHIB-related published pages. Source: Ahrefs.com

These publications on these meme coins are coming after a big crash of this crypto industry, where Bitcoin touched a price of around $45k. Most of the published pages contain information about the new development work on these coins projects. 

Most of the published pages on these coins, targeted mainly, those crypto users, which are seeking to grab information about investment opportunities, risks, price prediction, alternatives to the coins, and how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this, we reported that Shiba inu and Dogecoin grabbed a top-level position in the search ranking in 30 States of the US. However, these two coins have no real use cases, with origin. And also in the present time, these coins do not have use cases except for trade use but still, these meme coins are getting huge support from the retail traders. 

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