Elon Musk says DogeCoin is Money

Elon Musk shared a meme on twitter that shows the clear intention of Elon Musk that how they are looking at DogeCoin in future with DogeCoin adoption. 

Last day Elon Musk shared a meme to show his frustration on governments and also he tried to indicate that he is in full support of Bitcoin.

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Today, Elon Musk shared a meme. In the meme, Elon Musk uses the Matrix movie’s picture. In the meme the guy Neo is asking ” what are you trying to tell me that I can make lots of money with DogeCoin” 

And then in reply doge is said ” no neo, I Trying to tell you that DogeCoin is Money.

Through the shared meme, Elon Musk clearly indicated that DogeCoin adoption in future will make it real money. No matter in the present time many companies/firms including Tesla accept payments in crypto but still selected companies that adopt crypto can’t make a particular crypto like a money. 

Probably Elon Musk tried to say through the meme, adoption of DogeCoin will be at a huge level, we have to wait and hold instead to trade.

One of the random users commented that Elon Musk is ready to announce something different regarding DogeCoin adoption. So we should remain ready with DogeCoin holding. 

Few people are saying that Elon Musk remains free on Sunday and every Sunday he tries to pump DogeCoin. But this time he failed to get attention. Price of DogeCoin is around $0.198 at Binance exchange, which is 2% up from its last 24 hours, which is usual for crypto assets.

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