Elon Musk raises voice against crypto scammers on Twitter


Tesla CEO and past Dogecoin founder pointed out a big giveaway irritating scam and spams, which is running on Twitter to trick innocent people.

Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. He is the richest person in the world. He remains always ready to support Dogecoin in all possible ways. However he supports Dogecoin as a proclaimed Dogefather but he is holding Bitcoin and Dogecoin on the balance sheet of Tesla company besides the Dogecoin holdings.

On 16 February, Billy Markus, past Dogecoin developer and crypto proponent, popularly known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto in the crypto industry, shared a screenshot of a giveaway tweet, which has been running on Twitter for a long time. 

Shared fake giveaway claims that it will give 5,000 bitcoins to the participants. 

Billy tagged the @TwittetSupport and asked to do something on these types of Ponzi giveaways. Dogecoin Creator also noted that such bad actors are promoting such giveaway scams at a mass scale. 

Fake giveaway scam is using the name of a popular personality Tesla CEO and that helps the bad actors get a better response in the community to trick innocent people. 

Tesla CEO Elon responded to this tweet of Billy and wrote that he agrees that “it has been broken for a long time”.

Elon Musk against Twitter Spam 

This is not the first time Elon raised voice against spam tweets and giveaway scams on Twitter. Before this, Elon criticized NFTs feature of Twitter. 

Elon claimed that Twitter is not using its resources to bring a better user experience, instead, it is used for those purposes, which doesn’t require at all. 

It seems that Twitter is facing problems because of the increasing number of crypto users on Twitter. The majority of the crypto supporters are on Twitter and Reddit-like platforms. As a result of it, bad actors are moving toward such platforms to trick innocent people into their Ponzi giveaway scams.

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