McDonald jumps Metaverse with 10 patent filings


Giant fast-food chain network filed for 10 trademarks fully related to Metaverse to allow the customers to choose foods in the virtual world.

In Q4 2021, Facebook rebranded its name to Meta and strongly presented the next move of the company in next-level virtual reality-based projects. However Facebook itself is still in the initial phase but other crypto companies are doing well to provide a virtual world service like Gala, Decentraland are selling virtual lands etc. Because of such a bullish initiative of Metaverse by Meta, other companies are also moving in this race. 

Recently Josh Gerben, trademark lawyer of McDonald, informed the Industry of Metaverse that McDonald filed a total of 10 Trademarks of Metaverse. 

Through the tweet, Josh noted that filed Trademarks are associated with the concept of integrating virtual and physical world-based systems. 

According to available details, under this patent trademark, McDonald’s will allow its users to order food items by going virtually in the stores of McDonald’s. 

This initiative will surely help the McDonald’s fast food lovers to choose the food items by looking virtually in Metaverse just like visiting a shop physically. 

The official application was filed by the McDonald’s Trademark team on 4 February but this initiative of McDonald came into the spotlight on 9 February.

According to experts, these trademarks will allow McDonald to establish its business at a better level over other fast-food companies because under these trademarks McDonald will use the Metaverse (Virtual reality) concept with food sale services more perfectly over other companies, while the same concept will not remain available for other companies to use, even they will have a better idea like this. 

So, we can say McDonald’s is going to be the first mover in the Metaverse to serve food services to the users in reality and with this company will get better advantages with such a unique marketing strategy to sell the food items. 

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