Elon Musk seems interested in Metaverse, not in web3

Elon Musk shared a gif of a virtual reality game and hinted that he is interested in Metaverse based games.

Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. He is popularly known as the Dogefather of this crypto industry. In 2021, he supported Dogecoin with top priority and also supported the Dogecoin project to bring advancement in the blockchain network of Dogecoin. 

On 16 January, Elon Musk shared a gif, in which a person is fighting/playing in the virtual world with the help of a Virtual Reality headset. 

Video quoted ” yard where I am doing time for  screenshotting nfts” 

This thing is showing that Elon is showing his interest in Metaverse-based future projects and at the same time it is related to the NFTs concept also. 

On this tweet of Elon Musk, Billy Markus- past Dogecoin developer also responded and wrote that “I can’t wait until esports are like this…would love to see two people fight each other on stage all decked out in VR, would be a pure comedy”

Few Twitter users claimed that there are chances that the Dogecoin foundation may start some kind of work on Metaverse-based concepts. 

Metaverse and Web3 

Right now the crypto market is going with the trend of Metaverse and Web3. 

But here a recent tweet by Elon Musk is showing that he is interested much in Metaverse. But on the other hand, he is not interested in Web3.

Around a few weeks ago, a tech proponent shared his plans on Web3 initiatives and explained how it will be much better for people in the internet world, where people will remain independent, to what they want to do. 

In response to the statements, Elon quotes the tweets with a laughing sign and hinted that it is not going to be advantageous for people, instead the big companies, which will own the platform, that will facilitate decentralized medium, will be able to control the whole data and network of the system. 

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