Entourage’ Producer will Make Series on Crypto Hodl

A famous producer of HBO series, Rob Weiss, will make a series on crypto holders. 

The entry of the film & cinema Industry in crypto space is a very common thing  since the last 2 year. A most recent example can be seen where a cinematic producer company planned to make a movie on Ethereum’s creator. Well here in this case the producer is going with  a totally different system because they will use a new concept to generate revenue.

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All of us know about the famous “Entourage” and “Ballers,” web series of HBO. The producer & maker will make their move in the crypto related web series. They will produce a story on an individual person who is in crypto. 

The name of the web series will be “Hold On for Dear Life”. And it will be produced and directed by Weiss. They will make a total of 10 episodes of this series. 

The main role will not be played by any of the male actors. In the series, the main role will be played by a woman. In this story, a woman will lose her friend. And she will create her own token in the honor of her friend. 

She must then navigate the crypto scene a la “Silicon Valley” or “Betas” alongside a motley crew of friends. 

Here it is worth to note, that the team behind this web series minted ERC-20 based token on Ethereum network. So there are huge chances that token holders will get some shares of the profit of this web series. Token will be also used by the production team for the funding cost of the whole production.

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