Floki inu aims to achieve a better rank with Chain Link integration

Meme coin project Floki inu announced strategic integration of the FLOKI inu project with the Chainlink network. 

Even there are no use cases with the meme coins, except trading. But still, there are many meme coins, which are getting huge support and gain by price. It happened many times that most of the meme coins projects faced huge criticism by big crypto personalities because of no use cases. Now, most of the meme crypto projects are planning to expand their future with new use cases. 

In the latest, Floki inu coin project announced their plan of ChainLink integration as a strategic move to push the crypto project to the next level in terms of use case. 

On 3 December, with the announcement, the Floki inu team confirmed that they are ready to push the Floki crypto project in the Defi industry also. 

With this integration,  Floki’s P2E NFT game will get better potential support to do functions more accurately. And also it will help Floki to access tamper-proof price feeds needed to read an accurate on-chain price. 

This move of these two crypto projects will also help those Floki inu coin holders, who want to stake, lend, and borrow their Floki coin. 

Floki inu focus on advertisement 

In the last month, Floki inu grabbed huge attention in the crypto and non-crypto industry because of advertisements and many partnerships. 

Floki team established a partnership with the German professional football club and Bundesliga giant Bayer 04 Leverkusen, to show the name of FLOKI coins to the sports game lover audience. 

And the most important advertisement of FLOKI took place on the Burj Khalifa display, which made Floki the first-ever crypto asset to take space on the Burj Khalifa display advertising board. 

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