Former SpaceX intern insists that Elon Musk is Bitcoin creator

Sahil Gupta again insisted in the crypto space that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the real creator of Bitcoin. 

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is popularly known as a big proponent of Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Musk supports Dogecoin more than Bitcoin. However, this is only Elon Musk, who was responsible to push the price of Bitcoin to a new all-time high in 2020. 

Recently, Elon Musk appeared in a podcast. In the podcast, Elon was asked what is his point of view on the rumours that he is popular anonymous character Satoshi Nakamoto who created Bitcoin. On this question, Elon Musk fully dismissed the rumours. 

Because of the highlight of this rumour, Sahil Gupta- A former SpaceX intern published a blog to prove that Elon Musk is Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Sahil already shared his thoughts with the crypto industry and claimed that Elon is a Bitcoin creator but now through the new blog, Sahil wants to put his stand with more potential. 

Through the blog, Sahil said that Elon Musk is an expert in coding language. As we know, Elon is an expert in the C++ programing language. And also he created the original PayPal company with a South African native co-founder. 

Sahil said that he did a phone call with Sam Teller, the entrepreneur’s former chief of staff. And when he asked that whether Elon is Bitcoin creator Santoshi Nakamoto, then there was the silence of 15 seconds, and then Teller said, “Well, what can I say?” Not a paraphrase. Actual words.”

Gupta worked with the Tesla company earlier in 2018. So he is much closer to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Sahil believes that it was very easy for Elon to write the code for Bitcoin and prepare a whitepaper of Bitcoin because he is an expert in cryptography coding and knowledge. 

In the past, some speculations were going toward Elon Musk being the real Satoshi Nakamoto. At that time Elon Musk replied that the case is closed because Satoshi discovered. 

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