Former Twitter CEO’s company may create crypto wallet and mining hardware

Jack Dorsey’s Block company hinted that it will create its mining hardware and hardware crypto wallet. 

Jack Dorsey is the owner of Block company. Block company is a full blockchain technology inclined company. Jack Dorsey himself is a Bitcoin proponent, besides Bitcoin support he only supports the development works on Bitcoin and related blockchain technology. Earlier this month, Jack left his position as a chief executive officer from Twitter. 

San Francisco-based headquarter of Block posted lists of jobs on the official Linkedin account.

Job hiring by Block explained that the company will use the hiring to design its special custom lead and also in silicon validation of the ASIC and its prototype.” 

ASIC is a specially designed hardware to mine bitcoin and this type of specially designed hardware is known for its high-level security provider to the Bitcoin network. So this job posting hinted that Block will now produce Bitcoin mining hardware. 

The second thing that we can see through job hiring is crypto hardware development lead. Candidate, willing to go with the job, required to have expertise in bringing easy-to-use, reliable self-custody to a global audience. In this way, Block company is intending to create a hardware wallet for 100 countries. 

Now, it is confirmed that Jack Dorsey will work on an old initiative on which he informed this community in mid of October 2021. 

Through Twitter, Jack tweeted that we need efficient Bitcoin mining hardware, and also we need to create Bitcoin mining works much simpler, just like plugging GPU hardware into the CPU. 

While the plan of the Bitcoin hardware wallet of Jack Dorsey was announced by him in July 201. So now he will do both the works together. 

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