Internet is partially available in Kazakhstan, Bitcoin miners are still skeptical

Internet services are now available in a few parts of Kazakhstan and also few mining services have started to work. But still, miners are under a hurdle. 

Kazakhstan is a crypto-friendly country. After China ban on Crypto, the majority of the crypto mining companies entered Kazakhstan because of the friendly situation. Right now more than 13% of the Bitcoin mining network hash rate is depending on the mining power of crypto miners located in Kazakhstan. But recently protests took place in Kazakhstan, in response to lower down the protests Government suspended internet services. 

Reportedly, the Government of Kazakhstan again started to give internet services and crypto miners started their work again. But this supply of internet service is available in a few particular regions in Kazakhstan, in the major South portion of the country. 

The report also noted that the majority of the crypto mining firms are assessing this situation because still, no one news claimed that crypto mining firms faced any kind of damage in the last few days of protests. 

Alan Dorjiyev, the president of the National Association of Blockchain and Data Centers Industry of Kazakhstan reported about this situation to Forkast and said that “Miners are still assessing the situation, as no damage has been done to mining facilities”

Dorjiyev said that the internet is a big need for these crypto mining companies and they are looking for some better options like satellite, but still, fibre-based internet services are much more affordable. 

“Fiber connection is very affordable. However, the satellite can be a reserve option.”

Probably all these are going very well but surely these past hurdles will force all the crypto mining firms to have an alternative option to get electricity, otherwise, they may face huge losses and these may end up in the closure of the crypto mining business.

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