FTX aims to provide continuous Ethereum futures trading amid “The Merge”


The leading crypto exchange FTX confirmed that it has no plans to halt its Ethereum Futures cause of “The Merge”. 

FTX is a popular crypto exchange. In terms of global trading volume holder, the exchange is standing at 3rd rank. The current 24 hours trade volume on this platform is $1,814,578,447. In the crypto industry, FTX is known as a big player because in less than 3 years the exchange secured its position among the top crypto exchanges list. FTX is a big supporter of the Solana blockchain Network, which can facilitate high-scale transactions because of the Proof-of-history protocol. 

On 9 August, FTX published a new blog post and confirmed that the FTX exchange has no plans to halt or settle Ethereum futures trade for the platform users ahead of “The Merge”.

FTX exchange noted that the plan to merge the Ethereum blockchain with Beacon chain Proof-of-stake (Pos) was scheduled to take place between the third to the fourth quarter this year. 

Further FTX added:

“FTX does not have any plans to halt or settle ETH futures before the Merge, and we will do our best to support continuous trading.”

The third-ranked crypto exchange also said that FTX will continuously track Ethereum and after the merge, it will track proof of stake Ethereum. However, the exchange didn’t mentioned any kind of risk associated with it but still suggested customers remain aware of the possible risks associated with the merge, as a self-responsibility.

“It is your responsibility to understand the implications of the Merge. FTX is not liable for losses.”

Under “The Merge” plan, the Ethereum blockchain will merge with the Proof-of-stake Beacon chain and finally, Ethereum will operate its all work on Pos Consensus. It is expected that on 19 September this event will finally happen.

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