Internet personality Dave Portnoy gets sued for ‘shilling’ SafeMoon


Dave Portnoy said that a guy sued him for Shilling a meme coin “Safemoon”. 

The safe moon is a popular meme coin, thanks to the high-level promotional strategies by the project team of Safemoon. Many online personalities promoted the Safemoon token and also the project team of Safemoon promised to bring huge numbers of development work to make the Safemoon ecosystem but at the practical level, they did nothing. 

On 8 August, Dave Portnoy, president of Barstool Sports and crypto & stock Investor, informed his Twitter followers that a guy sued him because in the past he promoted Safemoon. 

Portnoy said that a guy in the 8 AM morning was continually knocking his door to inform him that he was sued for “Shilling Safemoon”. 

After this incident, Portnoy informed many things about the Safemoon investment. He said that he invested a total of $40,000 and still he is holding that amount of Safemoon, which is currently worth $2.3k.

Further through another tweet, Portnoy said that the Safemoon team also sued him for calling Safemoon a scam project. 

Reportedly, Portnoy said that Safemoon is a bad project, and also in the past before investment he said that it may be a scam coin.

Through Twitter, Portnoy asked help from his followers to help him to find out any weaknesses of the plaintiff, so that he can easily get out of this legal hurdle.

Through Twitter, He also hinted that he can file a legal complaint against these guys as a response to knocking on his door badly in the morning and also filing a complaint against him (as a counterattack).

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