FTX will create its Gaming Ecosystem to push crypto & blockchain adoption

FTX exchange is planning to dive into the gaming industry with the introduction of blockchain, crypto & NFTs. 

FTX is a popular crypto exchange, which is standing at 3rd rank in the crypto Industry. This exchange is known to support unique crypto projects besides its crypto trading services. Exchange’s native token FTT is currently standing at 25th rank in the crypto industry by 24 hours trading volume. 

Recently Bloomberg published a report on the new efforts of the FTX exchange. According to the report, FTX exchange’s US subsidiary “FTX Gaming” is planning to get ready to build its ecosystem of blockchain technology for the gaming world. 

The new decision and efforts of FTX will give an environment for the Game creators, who want to introduce their games in the collaboration of Blockchain, crypto & NFTs technology. Alternatively, we can say that FTX is going to build an ecosystem of the mainstream blockchain gaming platforms. 

In the new division of FTX, Game developers will be able to create NFTs, Tokens alongside the blockchain games. 

To work on this new project, FTX is looking to hire two developer engineers. One position of the developer required gaming platform experience in Unity. While other positions are required for the talents who have the experience to bring partnerships with game studios and integrate blockchain technology.

Recently Lightspeed Venture Partners and Solana Ventures established a partnership with the $100 million deal to work on the Web3 gaming funding initiative. So there are chances that FTX’s new efforts could be part of these past activities of the blockchain Industry foray into the gaming industry. 

No doubt that there are few players, which are doing better at their level to provide gaming on blockchain technology. In particular, Axie Infinity (blockchain game) grabbed huge popularity last year. At the present time, Axie Infinity has around more than 1 million users, while in the first week of last month was holding more than 1.5 million users. 

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