Fuds on Cardano is not a new thing : Charles Hoskinson

Cardano CEO shared his point of view again on the FUD that is spreading before the Alonzo hardfork on Cardano mainnet. 

Recently Alonzo hardfork on the Cardano Testnet deployed successfully and also Charles Hoskinson, Ceo and founder of Cardano, welcomed all the developers to check the reliability and features of the Smart contract on testnet. But one of Ethereum’s supporters shared a few screenshots, which shows an error about Cardano. 

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At that time, Charles Hoskinson clearly said that don’t support it if you think I didn’t do a good job. 

In the latest tweet, Charles Hoskinson claimed that it was expected about the FUD. And already the same type of thing happened last year. 

“As expected, there is a massive FUD storm underway. We saw the same with Shelley last year. It’s nothing new. Just people wanting to burn down what they don’t understand or feel threatened by. September 12th is a big day, but just a day on a long journey we are all on together”

Through this tweet of Charles Hoskinson, we can see clearly how much he is worried about the FUD that is spreading about Cardano. And surely it is a very bad sign for the Cardano price because if it will take much influence in the crypto market then surely before the Alonzo Hardfork on the Cardano mainnet, a huge crash ADA coin will face. 

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Well already, Charles Hoskinson took the reference of an expert’s video about the explanation of the error that people are thinking a big problem instead of actually knowing about it. 

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