Gold seems better over Bitcoin amid current geopolitical situation: Ukraine crisis

Recent few days showed that Bitcoin is not getting better support from the point of safety against Gold as heaven under critical situations. 

In the present time, Ukraine vs Russia fight is at a tremendous level, where on one side the Ukrainian president is not trying to leave his position as a country leader, and on the other side, Russian President Putin is not in any mood to give alternative concessions to Ukraine. At the very start of the initial days, this war between these two countries, was showing that it will be the initiative of world war 3 but current situations are showing that no one country will participate in this ongoing war between the two countries. 

During the critical situation, the majority of the people were betting on Gold & Bitcoin. Smart people chooses both of these two assets to invest in to fight against such global economic corrections in the money market. But the question is still waiting to get an answer, whether Gold is better or Bitcoin, as per last few days global activities in the world. 

If we will take a look at the crypto market then we will find that the crypto market lost $100 billion in this critical situation and this showed that the crypto community needs huge confidence in the critical situation. In particular, Bitcoin faced a correction from more than 13% and also followed pump with more than 13-14%. 

If we look at the price of Gold then we will find that the Gold price skyrocketed by a net 2% over the year because of an inflow of huge people in the belief of this precious metal. 

Below the graph presentation is showing clearly how Bitcoin faced a significant downfall and Gold showed a better potential in this situation. 

Gold seems better over Bitcoin amid current geopolitical situation: Ukraine crisis 1

This research and analysis on Bitcoin vs Gold is showing that Bitcoin is still in the initial phase and it will take a huge time to show a better stand under critical situations. 

Here we can’t blame the past huge correction in the price of Bitcoin for its own reason  because bitcoin is king of the crypto market and the crypto market is associated with multiple crypto assets, which are highly volatile, so it was much usual situation for Bitcoin but surely future will be much better for Bitcoin under such types of situations.

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