HSBC U.K. Banned Card Transactions For Binance Exchange

HSBC bank announced banking ban on Binance exchange. Now Binance users of the U.K which are using HSBC bank will not get facility of card crypto  purchases through Binance Exchange directly. 

It became very usual for Binance Exchange to face scrutiny issues from different countries’ regulators and also that results in issues by the end of banking services and institutions. Recently many banks stopped & blocked transactions for Binance exchange on behalf of regulators raised issues against Binance. 

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Now HSBC bank joined the  Barclays and Santander bank to block transactions for Binance exchange. According to the HSBC bank they can’t facilitate Card transactions for Binance exchange on behalf of the raised issues by the financial conduct authority ( FCA).

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HSBC bank warned all their users not to use their issued cards for the transactions at Binance Exchange, because the bank doesn’t support Binance any more. 

After Barclays and Santander, HSBC entered in this list to act against Binance. It seems that it is the worst situation for Binance & Binance users under such measurable problems & issues raised by the regulators & banking institutions. Here HSBC is the third largest bank of the U.K & surely it will result in a big downfall in the transactions trade at Binance, because most of the people in the U.K rely on Card payments services instead to go with an internet banking system or P2P trading system.

Even in the present time Binance team is trying their best to become licensed globally but they are facing such kinds of high level problems that are affecting the services badly.

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