Huobi Launching New ICO on 26 March

The success of Binance launchpad attracts the interest of other exchanges as well. The sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trade volume Huobi announce it’s own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform. Huobi named the token offering platform Direct Premium Offering (DPO).

Huobi claims that the DPO platform is a better way to offer tokens have a high potential for growth. The DPO platform offers many advantages over the Binance launchpad and other rivals.

  • Users can immediately trade the tokens in HT pairs. The tokens are immediately deposited into the wallets without any wait of presale or listing.
  • Tokens that are not listed on any major exchanges are selected with high-quality research.
  • Access for everyone (small and big players) and price below the market value.

The DPO tokens can only buy with Huobi Token (HT) no other cryptocurrencies will be accepted. All ICO launch on Huobi Prime platform has three rounds each lasts for 30 minutes. The exchange further explains:

“Huobi Prime listed a coin called Huobi Premium Example Token (HPET). HPET tokens might be made available at a discount of 30% off in the first round, 20% off in the second, and a 10% discount in the third.”

ICO Details

The discount rates may vary with the tokens and may be higher or lower. The first token that earns the honour to list on the Huobi Prime is TOP Network. TOP is the native currency of TOP Network.

Project Links

Project Centre:

TOP Token Info and vesting
  • Total Token Supply 20,000,000,000 TOP
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 12.5% of Total Supply
  • Huobi Prime Allocation: 7.5% of Total Supply
  • Huobi Prime Vesting Period:No lock-up/Vesting
  • Seed Round Price: 1 ETH = 122500 TOP (roughly 0.0032 USD)
  • Seed Round Allocation: 6.5% of Total Supply
  • Seed Round Vesting Period: 9 months lock-up
  • Cornerstone Round Price: 1 ETH = 80000 TOP (roughly 0.0035 USD)
  • Cornerstone Round Allocation: 5% of Total Supply
  • Cornerstone Round Vesting Period: 6 months lock-up, then vest over 3 months
  • Private Round Price: 1 ETH = 56470 TOP (roughly 0.0034 USD)
  • Private Round Allocation: 3% of Total Supply
  • Private Round Vesting Period: 1 months lock-up, then vest over 5 months
  • Team Vesting Period: 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months
  • Foundation Vesting Period: 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months
  • Mining Release: Mined in 20 years after mainnet, halves every 4 years
  • Partners, Market and Advisors Vesting Period: Initial release of 5%, remaining 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months
TOP Token Distribution

Fund Raising:14.5%
Huobi Prime (Early stage users, investors voluntary sale):7.5%
Partners, Marketing and Advisors:10%

The last week Bittrex also trying to do something like Binance launchpad. The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) was cancelled the last minute.