Huobi partners with Latamex to allow Crypto-Fiat Operations in Latin America

Huobi is ready to beat all their competitors in the crypto industry. Now under the new partnership their exchange will allow crypto-fiat pair based operations in three countries.

In the recent month, Huobi Reportedly faced huge loss in their revenue from crypto business services because of China’s crackdown on crypto related services. But probably they are now ready with better plans to bring a huge revolution in their crypto services.

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Huobi established a partnership with Latmex. Together both of these services will facilitate crypto purchase facilities in Mexico, Brazilian and Argentina.

Latamex is a financial services based firm which will manage the payment services related to crypto purchase on Huobi on & off ramp. 

Latamex will take care about the anti money laundering activities and also they will keep their platform to work under full rules and regulation.

The CEO of Settle Network, Pablo Orlando, shared his point of view on this partnership and stated 

“We provide financial infrastructure in a reliable, frictionless and compliant way to operate digital assets with domestic fiat money, helping their Latin American users with simple access to cryptocurrencies through our product Latamex”.

The director of global strategy at Huobi, Jeff Mei, stated this partnership and said that this partnership will also bring a 600 million huge number of users to their platform.

“Latin American market holds more than 600 million people and we feel the need to reach them. Settle will be a key partner for us in this process of market penetration. Our objective is to bridge this gap between fiat and crypto for traders throughout all the region in a fast and efficient way”.

Hopefully this partnership of Huobi will make it a big competitor of Binance. 

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