Huobi Prime Second ICO Newton Project Coming on 16 April

Huobi Global reveals the name of the second project coming on Huobi Prime platform. Newton Project is selected as the second IEO (Initial Exchange offering) by Huobi Global.

After the success of TOP Network, the first IEO by Huobi, many users complaint about the first come first serve approach. TOP network is now trading around 1.4 times of the IEO price.

Details of Newton Project IEO

  • Project Name: Newton Project(NEW)
  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000 NEW (1,176,338,738.54 has been burnt)
  • Trading Allocation in Total: 2,000,000,000 NEW (2.0 % of Total Token Supply)
  • Trading Allocation in Each Round: 400,000,000 NEW, 600,000,000 NEW, 1,000,000,000 NEW
  • “Price Limit” rounds are: 1 NEW = $0.001667, $0.002000, $0.002400 (Prices in HT will be announced on the day of the Prime Trading)
  • Prime Trading Session Start: 2019/04/16 20:00:00 (GMT+8)

There are some changes made by Huobi Global to ensure that all users have equal chances of participating. Ross Zhang, Head of Marketing for Huobi Group further added that user experience and satisfaction are the priorities and will not be compromised.

500 Huobi Token Must Hold for 30 Days

After listening to users feedback, Huobi modifies the 500 HT (Huobi Token) holding rule.

What is 500 HT rule? All users must hold 500 HT tokens over a period of 30 days to eligible for the next IEO. Those who are willing to take part in the IEO can still participate with the new rule. The number of Huobi Token holding increase as we go near the IEO launch date.

huobi prime eligibility criteria

The maximum buying limit per user is defined by the number of Huobi tokens holdings. The limits will be as follow:

Average Daily Holding(HT)Trading Limits(USDT)

Shorter Trading Rounds

The second IEO have three rounds but the time limit per round is now reduced. Each round is of 5 minutes and has an interval of 5 minutes.

Special Third Round

The third round will contain 50 percent of the total supply of IEO allowed to Huobi Prime platform. All Huobi participants who qualify for the IEO will get some of the tokens.

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