Input Output Hong Kong launched AlonzoBlue 2.0 On ADA testnet

On 15 June 2021, Input Output Hong Kong tweeted about the announcement of launch of AlonzoBlue2.0

AlonzonBlue 2.0 is an updated version of Cardano (ADA) node to increase the performance in many manners.

Through the tweet, Input Output Hong Kong said they are happy to announce the release of AlonzoBlue2.0 on Testnet of Cardano ( ADA) Testnet network.

And also he congratulated all the team of AlonzoBlue for this release.

So here AlonzoBlue2.0 is in testing phase to check the reliability and bugs if they exist in any case. After the final test they will release AlonzoBlue2.0 on the mainnet of the Cardano chain.

Features of AlonzoBlue2.0 Node

  • Providing the foundations to build all types of smart contract application further below the line.
  • Smart Transactions unable users to associate transaction meta-data on chain and store executable data on chain.
  • AlzonoBlue2.0 will support ERC-20 converter tool that will help to run ERC-20 based tokens to run on Cardano Chain.

Well here AlzoneBlue2.0 is in the testing phase. The testing phase will be in total three rounds. Here Alonzon Blue is in the first phase of testing.

After blue, they will go through AlonzoWhite & AlonzoPurple. 

The whole testing time is expected to take around 90 days. 

So probably they will launch Alozon updated nodes by the end of August.

So we can see how the team of Cardano (ADA) is working on the improvement ( updation of nodes) and integration of their blockchain network to another network ( ERC-20 converter tool).

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Here is one thing we can notice, ERC-20 converter tool is also ready on Testnet & AlonzoNode is also ready on Testnet. This is a clear indication of the future of ADA coin. Because the team is working on the technology of the coin instead of marketing. Don’t take this small analysis as financial advice.