Bitcoin Is In Bottom & Crypto Market Exits ‘Extreme Fear’


Historical comparison shows that there are no more dips on BTC/USD, suggests By Jurrien Timmer.

According to Jurrien Timmer analysis, Bitcoin has already touched it’s most possible bottom price. 

And According to most experts’ opinions, the price of Bitcoin will remain at $40,000 with very small fluctuations for a long time.

On Monday, a tweet by Jurrien Timmer, director at U.S. multinational financial services cooperation Fidelity investments said “, it looks like the bottom is in. As we can see in the tweet below

Increase In Confidence Due To Stability Of Bitcoin At $40,000

Last night on Monday, BTC/USD maintained a higher level at $40,000. 

In the last few weeks, the price of Bitcoin increased for some moment but it dropped again and again.

But now Bitcoin is stable at $40,000. And also the impact of this stability we can see in the Cryptocurrency market.

Most of the traders are now engaged in the trading of altcoins , as we can see through indications from the market cap of the coins.

Since many crypto experts predicted, the price of bitcoin will gain stability at $47,000.

But here the target is not yet reached, but according to the current time situation of this Cryptocurrency market, it is the belief of many experts that there can be a small gain in the price of Bitcoin.

In the present time this analysis of Bitcoin is getting positive reaction from high profile Twitter users like Elon musk & Paul Tudor Jones.

According to Timmer 

The time has come to look higher, not lower, when it comes to charting Bitcoin’s next move”.

Timer also uploaded a chart of BTC/USD with proper local bottom information, which we can see in the picture.

Bitcoin Is In Bottom & Crypto Market Exits 'Extreme Fear' 1

Here all viewers are requested, don’t follow analysis by any experts. Analyse yourself. Here all the information are just opinion from crypto experts that may be wrong in your opinion.