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Hey guys! We are happy to connect today and learn more about Gen2! Can you tell us more about your company and what opportunities you are looking to seize?

Our goal is to become a leader in advanced camera-based content capture and distribution systems. A key target market is the live-action camera market, specifically, cameras that are used across professional and other sports to broadcast live content to fans via traditional distribution networks and increasingly the Internet.

These cameras and their operating systems often offer little to no directional control over image capture and use older radio technologies with limited capacity. As a result, images often degrade as athletes move about, and very few cameras can be on at the same time. Although these cameras provide 1st person perspective, they do it in a way that is of limited use, namely replays, as the production team never knows where the camera will point at any instant so they are relegated to selecting video segments in post-production to get usable content.

The bulkiness of these existing cameras also limits their practical usefulness. Our solution was to create an ecosystem of live-action cameras that can deliver professional video live and in a form factor that permits their use in multiple applications, whilst addressing the limitations of current technology discussed above. To achieve this, we created a miniature 3CMOS video engine and micro cameras to capture impressive first-person video suitable for professional broadcasting.

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From AI to advanced radio and deep learning neural networks, we use advanced technologies to deliver powerful solutions that enhance live-action broadcasting. For instance, our micro-body “Iris” camera system is a high resolution and high-quality set of wireless cameras which can be affixed directly to any set of athletic jerseys.

This will allow viewers to step right into the shoes of their favourite athletes and experience live-action in a manner that has not existed to this point. Notwithstanding its micro size, the “Iris” camera system employs fully performant camera stabilization technology, which removes unwanted camera jitter and always keeps the view centered on the target. Expanding on this core application, we looked to optimize our technology in various other applications, especially in industrial settings.

To this end, we have looked to meld our technology to processes where verification and journalisation from the creation of a product to the storage of products are paramount concerns. This actually led us first to the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, via an announced venture to help support the development of a gold-backed digital currency. Our camera systems will help validate and journalise the entire value chain from gold mining to vaulting and storage of gold by integrating with blockchain technology. This will include both fixed cameras and our advanced “Iris” cameras which will be brought together in one powerful and integrated system.

So going forth into 2020 and beyond, how will your project make an impact in the crypto space, or on the world?

In addition to our support of the blockchain-enabled gold-backed digital token discussed above, we recently announced that we are developing our ”Iris Token”. This digital token will allow a convenient payment mechanism so that fans can see the game from the personal vantage point of their favourite players, and immerse themselves in real-time sporting action, with views previously seen only by the players themselves.

The use of the digital token can help offer new use cases for making sports content more “real” for end-users. The ability of a fan to pay with a token to literally see the practice court or the game from the perspective of their favourite sports star is a compelling proposition. We intend to leverage our advanced technology and crypto tokenomics to create a new and unique tweak to the “pay per view” market.

Moving beyond crypto and our core sports focus, we will expand our reach into high growth markets such as zero emissions “EV” public and private transport businesses, security, law enforcement, and other industrial verticals. This move will not only better serve our shareholders but will help society across a number of fronts.

Who are the people behind the scene?

I (CEO, Daniel Serruya) joined the company as CEO in July 2017 so as to build a winning company that was a leader both in technology and also operational and strategic execution. As a seasoned business development consultant, I had frequently worked with ownership groups to both grow and at times restructure their organizations in order to drive substantially larger revenues, to maximize operational efficiency, and to deliver geographically broad businesses stretching across North America and beyond.

Hence, there was a natural fit for the unique opportunity to help guide Gen2 towards a position as an exciting cutting-edge technological leader that could develop into a large, profitable and sustainable business franchise. To that end, I was very fortunate to have been able to assemble an exceptional team to help deliver on this promising opportunity.

Gary Shields joined the company as CTO in July 2017. He immediately started an extensive review of products in the market, technologies available, and related patents. This led to a picture of where improvements could be made to the technological status quo and what might be the next evolution of live-action sports broadcasting and advanced camera-based content capture and distribution systems. As an accomplished technical designer and innovator, he has previously worked on a number of advanced technologies in a variety of contexts. This includes his work as lead on new project designs as well as software and electronics engineering for a defense contractor which is a world leader in underwater technologies.

Michael Kovacocy is currently the COO and Head of IR for the company. Michael started as a special advisor on strategic and capital restructuring initiatives in late 2019 and was the architect of the market capitalization turnaround strategy. As COO, he is now focused on leveraging the Gen 2 core technology to a variety of verticals. Michael has extensive and varied experience working in the capital markets and in industry, having previously been both a lead sell-side equities analyst with a large bank in London, and a senior manager with British Telecom where his last role was as mobile apps propositions lead.

Rick Pearson joined the company in late 2019 as VP of Broadcasting. Rick works closely with Gary to implement our new camera technology in the field and to co-ordinate all multi-platform broadcasting. As a former touring professional on both the PGA TOUR and tours, Rick brings a valuable and incomparable perspective. After playing professional golf for 15 years, Rick spent another 15 years working for PGA TOUR Entertainment as manager of their technical department.

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If people would like to follow you on your social media pages, visit your website or read your important documents like your white paper, what are the links they need to visit? Please list them below.

Gen2 is currently in the process of launching a new website on the URL and will also be announcing a new ticker symbol for anyone interested in investing in its shares. We expect both of these developments to be completed within the next several weeks.

For any other queries, please feel free to email our IR team at:

Thank you so much for your time! Do you have anything to add before we finish?

The opportunities to find new applications for our Gen 2 technology continue to grow both within professional sports leagues and various industry verticals and within the rapidly expanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain sectors — so stay tuned for more updates!

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