What is TestNet and MainNet?

In this post, we will explain to you that what is Testnet & Testnet coin and How it is different from MainNet. And also we will try to explain that If there is a coin with the name Testnet or Test coin then why we are not using.

And a big thing that scammers are Doing scam with the newcomers in the field by fooling with the name of testnet coin.

What is Testnet?

No matter what the type of project is in the field of software development, we need to run it at a local network to test whether it is working perfectly or not.

A similar thing is with the Cryptocurrency world where developers develop their projects and check out about the working ability of performance at the TestNet network.

At the testnet network, they check that how efficiently it is working and how it is different from other programming and how many levels of security it can pass, so that everyone can use it without any tension of hack or attack at the network.

What is MainNet?

In some cases, Mainnet is known as a live network also. After all the trials at TestNet network, The team of coin launches his project at MainNet for the use, where people can use the coin to mine, stacking, and transaction easily.

So in simple word MainNet is the main network where Blockchain data program actually run.

Difference between Testnet and Mainnet

We can’t transfer coin from Testnet to MainNet or vice versa. In simple words we can say they can’t intermix with each other even both are running at the same technology and the same algorithm with the same name.

Addresses of TestNet coins & MainNet coins

Here we will explain to you with an example of bitcoin Testnet coin and Mainnet coin.

The address of TestNet coins of bitcoin starts with m or n. And Address of MainNet coins of bitcoin starts with either 1 legacy, 3 segwit, bc1 bech address ( segwit native ).

(Here three types of bitcoin address exist in the Blockchain of bitcoin algorithm, if you don’t know about it much then click here to know more about these terms and see what are the advantage of using different types of address)

How to get Testnet Coin?

Here we don’t need to provide a link to get Testnet Coin because if once you Google about it then you will get a number of websites to get free Testnet coins easily without any tedious task.

Most of the faucet websites of TestNet coins launch by the team of that coin and sometimes by individuals also.

Value of TestNet coin?

As we already told in the above paragraph that these are just for testing the network whether it is working perfectly or not, so surely here we can say that it has no value at all for us to use.

In simple words, it has no monetary value for us. In another way, we can say that this coin available in the real form at MainNet where we can have this coin in monetary form.

Do All MainNet coins have Testnet Coins?

It is a very complicated question itself because the main reason is that many of the coin’s Team launched their Testnet coin publicly and many Not.

And also many of the coin’s teams have launched their Testnet coin with the same type of address format. We can take an example of Ethereum coin. If you will take attention to the difference between the Ethereum coin mainnet and testnet address then you will found that both address formats have the same look and we can’t differentiate it from each other by format.

Beware of Frauds with Testnet coin

People who don’t have much knowledge in this field remain dependent on others to create a wallet and another suggestion to buy & sell Crypto. In this scenario, a big opportunity for scammers comes and they take advantage of it.

Usually, the scammers will help you to create a wallet and will sell bitcoin at a low price. In actuality, they transfer Testnet coins to the buyer (newcomer).

How to know You are using the Testnet wallet?

As already we told you that the address of the Testnet coins starts from m or n (in case of Bitcoin testnet wallet), so don’t get confused.

But still, if someone created your account at TestNet wallet then in that case it will not be easy for you to understand because the main reason is your lack of understanding and information regarding crypto and cryptocurrency related wallets.

All wallet which will run on testnet network will have Test,  Testnet, Testnet coin word mentioned. And also you can see the flask symbol in some Testnet wallet. For more precisely to understand, you can see the image attached below.

testnet wallet

All of you can see clearly that at every type of wallet there is word testnet in the bracket and also in non-bracket form. So always take care before to do mistakes of getting into confusion whether you are using Testnet or MainNet wallet.

 Precautions to keep yourself away from scams

Don’t let anyone create your wallet. Before creating a wallet you should go for the research about the perfect wallets that suit best according to requirement. You can simply search about it at Google best wallets for mobile or pc or simply you can check the article at this website by click here or simply search at Google bitcoinik.com best bitcoin wallet for mobile or desktop.

Always prefer yourself to buy bitcoin only from trading websites ( famous or better in your country ). Because at trading websites you will get the option to buy in every type of currency.

Alternatively, you can go to peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platforms where you can get all possible options for payment.


Do not trust an unknown person, no matter how much he is trusted at social media reviews, always do a short research and reviews about every thing at Google because anyone can give you wrong information and can easily make you fool.