Kosovo declares 60 days state emergency, Ban Crypto Mining

The Republic of Kosovo decided to ban crypto mining activities, to reserve energy for the future. 

Besides the better use case, the crypto and blockchain industry has some disadvantages with it. And the main reason is crypto mining energy consumption. However, the latest crypto blockchain Networks are much better in terms of energy consumption but Bitcoin and Ethereum-like blockchain networks are forced to live on high power consumption because these are based on traditional proof-of-work Consensus. However, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butterin and his team is working to shift Ethereum on efficient Consensus to make Ethereum much better in terms of adoption.

In Kosovo, the electricity consumption rate surged very high. And now, The officials in Kosovo are trying their best to save energy, so that they can complete the needs of all the citizens perfectly and equally, without facing any power outages in near future. 

The economy minister of eastern European country Kosovo responded on the advice of the Technical Committee for Emergency Measures in Energy Supply on Dec. 31 as part of a set of relief measures.

Under the relief measures, there is a suggestion to prohibit all kinds of crypto mining operations across Kosovo. 

Right now, Kosovo has no energy power plants to generate electricity. And also it is dependent on other countries. So in this situation, the Minister declared a 60 days emergency in the state, to collect money, so that the government can buy more electricity. 

So for now the government will cut the electricity more than usual and also no one crypto mining operation will be allowed to do crypto mining. 

This ban of Kosovo is much similar to the Iran ban on crypto mining until 6 March 2022. Iran is also facing huge electricity consumption but the majority of the electricity consumption in Iran is coming from 90% of homes, which are using electricity to heat the room temperature. 

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