Sandbox plans to Launch Metaverse ‘Mega City’

Sandbox established many partnerships in Hong kong and aimed to launch its Metaverse-based mega City. 

Right now the whole crypto industry is looking at the Metaverse and Web3 based crypto projects. And in the category of Metaverse based projects, Sandbox is getting better popularity. Sandbox is standing at 3rd position in the crypto Industry of Metaverse-based projects, while Decentraland and Axie Infinity are at the top. 

The Sandbox is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. The team of Sandbox is trying to use the current ongoing trend of this crypto Industry with Metaverse, through its blockchain-based virtual world. 

Through the announcement, The Sandbox confirmed that its team did many partnerships in Hongkong. In particular, The Sandbox will work in partnership with Adrian Cheng. 

Adrian Cheng is CEO of New World Development, founder of the K11 brand, and Chow Tai Fook jewelery company’s executive director. These are enough to explain how much this businessman has experience in multiple businesses. 

Through the Mega-City, The Sandbox will feature Cheng’s XL Estate, Cheng-owned GBA Companies will also contribute to this initiative of this blockchain virtual world through its experiences of  “entertainment & exclusive NFTs.”

Besides all these, big award winners celebrities will represent the NFTs in the virtual world. Besides all these, all the Sandbox users will be able to buy virtual lands in Megacity. 

“To celebrate the new partners, The Sandbox will launch a new LAND sale on January 13, 2022, that will allow players to purchase choice spots near the LANDs of the partners announced today.”, Announcement stated

Besides all these things, The Sandbox also does many types of partnerships with the other crypto exchanges like Indian exchange Bitbns and Global exchange FTX. Under the partnership promotion program, these exchanges are giving rewards in Sand coin to the new users. 

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