Kraken’s U-Turn on Shiba Inu Listing

Popular crypto exchange, Kraken, revealed that they are not planning for the listing of Shiba inu coin and further they needed to work more. 

On 1 November, the Kraken exchange wrote on Twitter that the head of the Kraken exchange is challenging #Shibarmy to like the tweet. And if they get a total of 2,000 likes then they will list Shiba inu coin at Kraken exchange. 

But, two days back, the Kraken team revealed through a tweet that they agree with the consideration of Shiba to list because they can see the support from the Shiba inu coin, which is necessary for every new coin listing. But the team will not list right now, they will do more work

This tweet by the Kraken exchange is a clear indication that Kraken is not ready for the Shiba Inu coin listing and it is probable that the Exchange will take a long time to consider the listing. 

Many reports claimed that the Kraken exchange is only considering to list but it will not because the exchange knows very well about the meme coin trend and it is near to over again. 

Well, it is worth noting that Kraken wrote that “tomorrow they will list Shiba” i.e 2 November was the commitment date. Probably, here Kraken lost its trust from the crypto community. Especially from the Shiba army community. 

Shiba Inu listing on Robinhood & Amazon

As we know, Shiba was already listed by many high profile crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance etc. 

But the Shiba community is trying their best to list the coin at Robinhood exchange. Right now three petitions are live to force the Amazon e-commmerece company to accept Shiba token payment.

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