KuCoin showed its presence in Web3 via its new wallet platform

Crypto exchange KuCoin launched its multi-features less decentralized wallet, which supports NFTs and cross-platform trading.

KuCoin is a popular global crypto exchange. This exchange is standing at 5th rank, In terms of 24 hours global trade volume contributor via its platform. Exchange has its hand in huge numbers of crypto projects. Last month, KuCoin exchange started to show that the exchange was planning to jump into Web3-based projects development support.

KuCoin exchange launched its decentralized wallet successfully. However huge works have to be done shortly like browser-based platforms paving the way for a mobile application but still, users can access it with some limitations. 

The newly launched wallet platform with the ecosystem of KuCoin and also with the cross-blockchain platforms will provide high ease to the KuCoin users to deal in the decentralized world.

At present time, with current features, new platform users will be able to buy, sell, trade, and send several flagship cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether in addition to other tokens easily. 

As the wallet is decentralized, the wallet is self-custodial and also users will be required to handle all the sensitive key data himself like private keys to remain on the safe side. 

As we know the Cryptocurrency ecosystem is now continuously moving toward the adoption and consideration of NFTs and Decentralized financial services, so here the new platform of KuCoin also includes Defi, NFT, and GameFi services in its roadmap.

Recently many crypto exchanges launched their own non-custodial, multi-blockchain wallets to keep pace with interest in Web3 functionality. These things are enough to show that the majority of the crypto exchanges want to remain leaders in the Web3 space.

Publicly listed American crypto exchange Coinbase also introduced its integrated Web3 functionality supported wallet and browser for a select group of its mobile app clients in May 2022. Robinhood, another US-based Nasdaq listed crypto & stock platform, promoted an upcoming non-custodial crypto wallet in May 2022 with cross-blockchain accessibility, which will also feature NFT storage and access to marketplaces.

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