Latin American popular delivery platform Rappi will accept Bitcoin


Rappi is working in collaboration with BitPay and Bitso to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. 

Despite huge volatility in the price of crypto assets, adoption is surging, and also it is further opening a portal for businesses to grab more users on their platform with crypto-associated services. In the past, many businesses took the support of crypto trends like bitcoin, Shiba Inu token, and Dogecoin-based payment adoption, and collected huge users.

In the latest, Rappi, Latin America-based most popular delivery service, decided to go with the cryptocurrency-based payment options for the users. For the same, Rappi works with popular crypto payment platforms Bitpay and Bitso. 

In the initial phases, the company will allow this feature for the Mexico-based users and later success will tell whether the company will expand its services with crypto support or not in other Latin American countries like Brazil, etc.

Here some crypto lovers may find disappointed because users will not be allowed to pay directly in crypto but users will be allowed to pay first for the credits with crypto assets. After that, they may use credits on any items and services available through the app.

Sebastián Mejía, the co-founder of Rappi, said that the crypto support integration plan is very ambitious for the company and the company has lots of support for crypto but for that the company will reveal it in the future. 

“In this first phase, we decided to build a product that allows our consumers to connect their digital wallets and exchange accounts to convert cryptocurrencies into Rappi credits and thus access all the products available within the platform.”

Earlier in 2017, the Lieferando, delivery service more likely to Rappi, started to accept crypto payments. Such crypto-related adoption is surging rapidly because of the Latin American countries’ better stand toward crypto adoption. 

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