Gemini exchange launches Crypto Credit Card in 50 states of the US


Popular crypto exchange Gemini is jumping in the race of Crypto supported Credit Cards for the users to access money in the majority of the regions of the US with rewards in Crypto.

Crypto adoption continuously expands its network almost in every industry, whether it is the financial, tech, or health sector. Every industry is using blockchain technology at its level. The inflow of huge numbers of financial services support is making this industry much more dependent on crypto, with small significant inclination toward the traditional financial systems. 

Gemini is a popular crypto exchange, which provides crypto Services globally and was founded by the Winklevoss twins. 

On 15 April, Exchange announced its success to launch its Credit Card, backed by Gemini crypto exchange, officially for its users. 

Issued credit cards by the Gemini exchange will be allowed for US-based users to use in more than 50 US states. 

To bring this service alive, Exchange established partnerships with giant Card payment network platform Mastercard and WebBank. 

Initially, the Credit Card plan of Gemini was started last year, and after that users were eagerly waiting to use the Credit Card of Gemini. In the waitlist, around 500,000 users were waiting in advance. At that time, the Gemini Credit Card plan grabbed huge hype because on one side it was backed by cryptocurrencies support and on the other side it was supported by a reward system more likely than traditional credit cards.

Gemini credit card users will be able to get better rewards in the form of 60 cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) as a dominant options for users. 

When a Gemini cardholder will use his card then reward will get changed into Cryptocurrencies directly automatically with the Gemini platform and that fund will be transferred to the crypto account of users at Gemini. 

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