Ledger on mobile – Ledger Live app launched for both android and ios

Ledger is famous cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer company which launched its Ledger live app for android and ios smartphones but currently this is in a consultation mode, with a full version being in development.

They officially announce it in their blog post on 28 Jan.

The company said that they are working to provide all the features same as available in their desktop application. You can connect your ledger device by bluetooth as well as with OTG cable, But ledger live full version is currently available for only android users as it can be connected by OTG cable, IOS users can only see their balances as it is available only in consultation mode for them, It happened due to some technical limitations in IOS system but they will release full version soon.

Hardware wallets are most secure way to store your cryptocurrencies. Exchanges are not much secure as some days ago a popular cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is hacked and almost users all funds gone. So I recommend everyone to use hardware wallets to store your crypto funds or use private keys to store your coins, Remember If you don’t own private key then its not your coins.

There are also many other hardware wallets available in market along with Ledger.

Trezor is also a very popular hardware wallet and some others areOpendime and Coldcard.

You can buy them from their official sites.

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