Lightning Torch holding by Binance CEO, who’s next?


Changpeng Zhao, CEO of largest Cryptocurrency exchange received the Bitcoin Lightning Torch in his hands from TravelbyBit with an invoice of 3,210,00 satoshis on Feb. 11.

Some days ago Twitter CEO joins the Bitcoin Lightning Torch which makes everyone bullish on Bitcoin and now CEO of Binance holding the Torch.

binance ceo tweet lightning torch

What is Lightning Torch?

It is the Bitcoin Lightning Network Transactions Chain in which a user receives the lightning transaction and passes it to the next trusted one by adding the amount of 10,000 sats to the previous transaction.

It is started by an anonymous user on Twitter having Twitter handle @hodlonaut

The Aim of starting this experiment is to increase the use of Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) by the people throughout the world.

WHO’s next?

One by one Big Names joining the Bitcoin Lightning Torch which is a very bullish moment for Bitcoin.

So who will be the next to join Bitcoin Lightning Torch is really unpredictable, but there are some Names on which people are bullish are Elon Musk, Justin Sun ( Founder of Tron ), Charlie Lee ( Litecoin creator ), Joe Rogan 

Long Bitcoin Short the Bankers

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