How to secure your Bitcoin Privacy? Make your BTC safu


Bitcoin Privacy is too much important in order to secure your Bitcoins from hackers.

Hackers were continuously attacking on Privacy to reveal identities behind Bitcoin addresses which help them to hack Bitcoins from those addresses.

Dusting Attack is the famous one used by hackers to hack Privacy of Bitcoin Addresses.
Check the Dusting Attack Article if you don’t know about it.

Precautions to Secure Bitcoin Privacy :

  • Be Private, Do not reveal any information about your Bitcoins anywhere not even in friends and fellows.
  • Do not share your devices containing Bitcoins in it. Protect them from others.
  • If you have backups of your private keys then make sure those are stored in encrypted format.
  • One Address One Time. Do not use an address again after spending it, use only new addresses every time. 
  • To Protect your Privacy use Wasabi Wallet and Samourai Wallet of Bitcoin. These wallets providing good privacy for Bitcoin Transaction. These wallets will save your Bitcoins from tracking.
  • Be Aware of every new type of Privacy Attack. Live updated in Bitcoin world and you must have knowledge and awareness regarding every new attack happening on Bitcoin. 
  • Do not visit unsafe and unknown sites. Do not click to unknown links.
  • Do not download unknown software or programs, downloading anything from unknown sources must be avoided. 
  • Do not use other devices for using your wallets, don’t do any transactions from other devices. Login in other devices must be avoided. One small mistake can result in a big loss. Be Safe.
  • Centralized Companies must be avoided. Do not use exchanges or third party centralized wallets to store your Bitcoins. 
  • Core wallet is the best choice if you can setup it.
  • Use privacy browsers like DuckDuckGo for browsing, Cheap browsers must be avoided. Like Chrome or Mozilla must be avoided as it always asks you to store your passwords and keys into the browser which can easily help hackers to access your all wallets and exchanges after a phishing attack. Do not store such type of private info into browsers. DuckDuckGo best one in my knowledge it doesn’t ask you anything and doesn’t store any info in the browser cache. 
Secure Privacy Secure Bitcoins
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