Lost much in DogeCoin but still buying in Dip : DogeCoin Millionaire

A person named Glauber Contessoto who is also a Youtuber was rich because of DogeCoin holding. But now he lost much but still buying at every dip.

Contessoto is a 33 year old guy who was part time Youtuber and worker in a music company, left his practical day job and became a full time Youtuber. He was interviewed by CNBC when he became DogeCoin Millionaire because of DogeCoin holding for a long time. 

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Because of the crypto market crash, the price of the DogeCoin coin dropped badly and that resulted into a big loss for Glauber Contessoto because of his bulk holding in Dogecoin. 

According to reports ,he is now no more millionaire with his DogeCoin holdings.

But still he says that he doesn’t care about the price and that DogeCoin is a Saving account for him. And also he will keep buying DogeCoin in every dip. At present price of Dogecoin is $0.1845 at the time of writing this article. while this youtuber was millionaire when price was $0.7+

Contessoto also tried to appreciate Elon Musk’s contribution to DogeCoin indirectly. He said that the price of a doge coin hitted bottom by 16% and then rose by 17.6%, it is not because of Elon Musk. And he hopes that people bought at dip. 

Through his tweet it is clear indication that he is supporting Elon Musk against those people who are trolling Elon Musk to manipulate the crypto market. 

Well in this situation, CNBC again shared a tweet for this guy and said he is no longer a DogeCoin Millionaire. 

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