Mariah Carey invests in Bitcoin, pushing crypto adoption

Grammy award-winning Mariah became the latest celebrity to support bitcoin and crypto education to push the adoption of cryptocurrency.

With the increase in the price of bitcoin, adopters of bitcoin are also increasing accordingly. After the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF product by the US regulators, adoption is increasing more than the speed of light. In the latest, Marian Carey became the early adopter of bitcoin.

Mariah Carey achieved huge popularity in her country because she succeed to win the Grammy award. Marian is working to educate girls about technology and other educational things, which are needed to bring better empowerment among the girls. 

Mariah partnered with the Gemini crypto exchange. She published a video to explain the initiative of blockchain adoption with the partnership with the Gemini crypto exchange. 

Through the video, she announced to her followers to sign up with the Gemini and use the referral code to redeem $20 worth of bitcoin. 

In the video, Carey credited the Cryptopedia to get educated with the blockchain & crypto. 

Cryptopedia is a crypto education platform by the Gemini Cryptocurrency exchange. 

The most important thing is that Carey asserted that the new users, who will sign up through her referral link & will trade at Gemini, will support the “Black Girls Code ”.

Black Girls Code is a non-profit organization to support the education of African-American girls about Technology.

Celebrities inflow in Crypto 

In recent years, especially this year, many celebrities entered this crypto space through the NFTs concept. NFTs concept of crypto is trying to bring new users into the crypto space. 

In a recent interview, Ethereum Co-founder also claimed that NFTs Is a cultural concept but it is helping to bring adoption of crypto. 

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