Mastercard acquires crypto forensics firm CipherTrace


Mastercard is going to integrate a new forensic tool in its infrastructure to make their services better to provide real time payment and tracking of transactions.

Global Payment giant company, MasterCard, is ready to push their crypto payment services with better safety with the use of the forensic tool of CipherTrace blockchain firm. 

According to the announcement made on Thursday , MasterCard signed an agreement to acquire CipherTrace. 

CipherTrace is a blockchain firm and it is known for its forensic tools that enables it to track crypto transactions of more than 900 crypto coins. 

Under the acquisition of the CipherTrace firm, MasterCard will integrate the operations of the CipherTrace analytics tool to make the MasterCard platform better and achieve cyber security solutions in digital assets services.

 MasterCard will implement the technology of CipherTrace with its own platform to distinguish cards and real time payments architecture. And also MasterCard will allow digital assets based payments under compliance with the regulation framework. 

Ajay Bhalla, chief of Mastercard’s cyber and intelligence, stated about this acquisition of the forensic blockchain firm. Ajay said that to grow in the crypto market, we need to provide safe, secure & trusted operations. 

After this partnership, Mastercard seems fully definite with its commitment of crypto related payment services expansion and making platform friendly for crypto companies.

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